25 People Share The Things They Proudly Do Wrong, Because Who The F**k Are You To Judge?

21. koinu-chan_love

I eat burgers upside down. The top half of the bun is usually thicker and doesn’t break into pieces as often.

22. Trying not to judge, glitterynikki

When I eat Pop-Tarts, I always eat the sides first then the top/bottom edges before eating the center with all the icing.

I pretty much do the same thing with sandwiches and kit kats but people are usually shocked I eat the “worst” part of the pop tart first when it’s actually my favorite.

23. lechnessmnstr with a bold strategy.

I eat the entire kiwi including the skin

24. goalieamd breaks the cereal mold.

I’ve been eating cereal without milk since I was a kid and I just can’t switch over to putting milk in my cereal. I don’t like the cold soggy texture.

25. Scrappy_Larue ain’t got no time for robots.

I don’t “Please listen to the entire message before making your selection.”
I keep pressing “0” until a human comes on the line.