25 People Share The Things They Proudly Do Wrong, Because Who The F**k Are You To Judge?

16. Trying no to judge Chinstrap_1

 I write the letter “s” from the bottom, upward

17. LarryfromFinance boyfriend maybe wrong with this one.

My boyfriend starts showers wrong.

He says his mom taught him to get in the tub, turn the water on where it’s running through the bath faucet, wait for it to get hot, then pull the knob that makes it go through the shower head. So Everytime I here him curse because it’s cold water hitting his feet.

I asked why he doesn’t just turn the water on, pull the knob so it heats up through the shower head, then get in when its an adequate temperature (like my mom taught me and how I feel the right way is), but he continues to curse at cold water every morning.

18. Don’t mess with 283diamonds breakfast.

Non-traditional food for breakfast. Look, if I have leftover nachos then I am having leftover nachos for breakfast.

Edit: God damn it… First, it doesn’t have to be nachos. Nachos is just a placeholder for any non-traditional breakfast food. Many of you cleverly deduced this on your own, though.

And secondably, if you make homemade nachos then everything but the chips is leftover. The chips can be fresh for leftover nachos. But I am not opposed to eating cold leftover nachos with soggy chips either because I am an adult and I’ll eat whatever the fuck I want, mom! Sorry. That was 100% inappropriate.

19. I want to watch lenerz eat saltines.

I don’t know if this counts but a lot of people have commented on how weird it is that I absolutely cannot drink throughout my meal but that I have to completely finish my food first before drinking.

20. Mr-Klaus is innovative and probably a bit dangerous.

I use my George Foreman grill upside down when making paninis so its weight can squish them harder.