25 People Share The Things They Proudly Do Wrong, Because Who The F**k Are You To Judge?

11. justneededausername_

Apparently tie my shoes. I had no idea until my SO pointed it out.

I use two bunny ears and tie them together. :/ I tried doing it the other way but it’s just not as easy. I would really have to go out of my way to relearn how to tie my shoes and I don’t feel like doing that. So I just own it now. The one thing that is annoying about my method is that the it causes the laces to sit more diagonally and not straight across. Oh well!

12. Economy_Cactus

Instead of pouring my microwave popcorn out of the bag and into a bowl I cut off the side of the bag.

This way I can put my hand in the bag without getting a buttery mess, but also I don’t have to dirty a bowl.

13. shadow0wolf0 doesn’t watch It’s Always Sunny.

I eat the entire apple excluding the stem

14. The horses would like to thank grannybubbles

 When my kid was 2 and learning to talk, I taught him that a sheep says “baaa”, and a cow says “mooo” and a horse says “get off of me!” I have no regrets.

15. russianout killing the yoga pants game.

Wear yoga pants under my jeans. Guys aren’t supposed to wear yoga pants. Don’t care, I want something under my jeans on a cold day.