25 People Share The Things They Proudly Do Wrong, Because Who The F**k Are You To Judge?

6. Corellian_pirate has a point here.

 I’m an editor in the US. When I’m not at work, I use the spelling “grey.” It suits the color’s personality better. Screw you, Webster.

7. meatwad75892

 I eat burgers and sandwiches in a circular pattern. Get the overly bready part out of the way so the remaining 75% of the burger or sandwich has a proper, enjoyable bread:meat ratio.

8. I’m with SamTheSnowman.

AP guidelines say don’t use the Oxford comma. I made a point to use it all the time when I wrote for the school paper. Screw the AP. Commas save lives.

Edit: To be clear, in this case, AP stands for associated press, not advanced placement like the AP courses.

9. Coffee__Addict

 I dont ask people for pieces of paper. I ask them for slices of paper.

10. ApokalypseCow

I put sugar and cream in my coffee cup before I pour in my coffee, that way I don’t have to stir anything.