Everyone Is Slamming ‘Time Magazine’ For Being Hypocrites And, They’re Absolutely Right

This year Time Magazine named “The Silence Breakers” their 2017 person of the year. After countless women came forward and exposed men who have wronged the entire world with their strong-armed ways of sexual harassment and assault, they truly brought much-needed change to society that has long been overlooked. Time Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Edward Felsenthal, told “The Today Show that the #metoo movement was the…

“fastest-moving social change we’ve seen in decades, and it began with individual acts of courage by women and some men too.”

Women who were represented in “The Silence Breakers” were not only celebrities like Ashley Judd and Taylor Swift but, also, women who have been sexually harassed and spoke out in a not as “sensationalized manner,” but, still brought necessary changes in their own, personal workplace and life. Twitter users expressed their gratitude and thanks towards these women who showcased courage and bravery to bring forth change.

While it was a monumental few months for women, and the honor was well deserved across the board, Time Magazine has completely shot themselves in the foot by naming President Donald Trump as their person of the year runner-up. I’m sorry. Excuse me? Hold the f*ck up.