19 Employees Share The Company Secrets They Were Told To Keep, But Now They Don’t Work There Anymore, So Screw It

5. Is anyone actually surprised by u/Anadorei‘s sordid tale?

Female co-worker filed a complaint because a male co-worker slapped her ass. I watched management have him sign his paperwork for a “written warning” and then I watched management shred it while the female co-worker was at lunch. I worked in HR for them at the time. I can confirm they made no formal documentation of anything that happened that day. They shredded the only paperwork that even acknowledged it happened.

4. Retail is the worst.

This is my best story, I was 18 and a pushover at the time, wasn’t going to argue since I just started working there:

At Staples (in Canada), we ran out of pencil crayons during back to school season, which was not good for business; parents want to do one-stop shopping for school. So one of the managers took me to the Wal-Mart at the other end of the shopping centre, and we loaded up 2 carts with ALL of their pencil crayons.

It gets worse. To eliminate any suspicion and prevent the Wal-Mart managers from stopping us, we told the cashiers we were on a mission trip to Africa and that these were supplies for poor schools over there. They believed it, we took them all, stocked the shelves at Staples and resold them.

Looking back, damn that was some shady shit.

3. WOW talk about medical malpractice...

Worked in a private owned doctors office. They would routinely schedule people with government insurance for appointments months out, and schedule people with private insurance for much closer appointments, next day even. Also, since Medicare and Medicaid won’t pay for immunizations and therapeutic injections separately, when they are given during an office visit, they would schedule the patient for another appointment the next morning, and “give” the injection then. Thereby allowing them to bill it separately. The thing is, the patient never even knows about this “second” appointment, and their insurance pays the bills. The office manager would also sign into the doctors computers and send in narcotic rx’s for patients under their names, even though she has no medical license at all.

2. Seems like u/bunkpolice narrowly avoided a hideous work-related death (long, but worth it):

My first job was at a French bakery. It’s a decent sized chain in the states. A list of their transgressions against humanity:

1) I watched a pizza come out of the oven and fall toppings-side-down on an unusually filthy kitchen floor. This was on Mother’s Day (busiest day of the year for a place like this) so it was scraped up (as instructed by a manager) and tossed back in the oven with a little extra cheese to hide all the crap stuck to it. I was made to serve this to a lovely older lady and it haunts me to this day.

2) The cow. Holy fuck, the cow. This was what we called a huge fridge-sized milk dispenser that was never cleaned well. One day someone dragged this disgusting bastard out from the alcove it was in and, surprise surprise, nobody had cleaned under or behind it for months if not years. There was a several-inch-thick layer of spoiled milk with a technicolor carpet of mold across it. Makes my stomach turn just thinking about it.

3) At 16 I was given the prestigious position of baking all of the bread / pastries / etc.. It was all frozen and it was not at all uncommon for me to find years old boxes in the freezer. Those were all cooked and served.

Now, their transgressions against me:

1) I was sealed in a human sized proofing oven for about an hour because of a faulty door. It was on, at a low temp / high humidity, but STILL.

2) There was an actual oven with doors that opened like a kitchen cabinet (swinging open horizontally rather than open vertically) and it was placed around a corner at a high traffic area. Well, those doors did not move independently – they were linked so if you close or open one the other closed. I was leaned way into the fucker and guess what? Someone closed one of the doors as they were coming around which closed the other door as well. This resulted in me getting closed in and it was at about 450f. I struggled out by pressing the sides of my forearms against the doors resulting in pretty severe burns as big as a two computer mice on each forearm. I was made to complete my shift.

3) Boxes in the freezer were stacked waaaay too high resulting in an avalanche of frozen cookie dough burying me in that bitch. I had to bang on the wall with my foot for about 20 mins before the sauté cook came and dug me out. Manager didn’t give a fuck.

Allow me to conclude this by saying that I worked in several other restaurants during my young life and NEVER came across anything REMOTELY like this again. I’ve never seen a waiter or bartender fuck with another person’s food – as far as I’m concerned that’s a myth. I’ve never seen such atrocious cleaning practices anywhere else, not even close.

TL;DR – Stay the fuck away from La Madeleine. Most other restaurants are chill.

1. Let’s end on a happy note, yeah?

I used to work at Tim Hortons. This isn’t exactly a trade secret… but get a blueberry tea bag and steep it in white hot chocolate. I never tried it myself, but it’s apparently delicious.