19 Employees Share The Company Secrets They Were Told To Keep, But Now They Don’t Work There Anymore, So Screw It

You ever have a job where your boss made you do some shady stuff all the time? I once worked at a bakery that claimed to make fresh pastries daily, but would instead have us reuse bagels and cookies from the previous day. Not the most heinous of crimes, but still hella unprincipled.

However crooked this bakery’s operation was, though, it is absolutely nothing compared to some of the horrific stories told by these previous employees. Some of them are from places you regularly frequent. You may just regret reading the top answers fromThis AskReddit thread.

19. u/Llamakhan casually helped destroy the environment:

I worked at a gas station/ auto shop and I was told to dump used motor oil in the gravel behind the building because the storage tanks were full.

18. Can’t really even be mad at this one:

This is way more lighthearted than most, but here it goes. I used to work at a fast casual burger place with a secret recipe BBQ sauce. The secret ingredient was Root Beer syrup.

17. There are a lot of really really angry gamers out there right now:

I still have copies of emails from our Gamestop district manager directing us to sell through all our pre orders of GTA4 instead of holding them for the customers that reserved them because he got a commission on total numbers sold.

16. Well, guess I’m never ordering popcorn at the movies again. Thanks u/KitchenSwillForPigs.

At a movie theater where I used to work, at the end of the night, we would collect all the unsold popcorn and stuff it into these enormous yellow trash bags. The next morning, yesterday’s popcorn was the first to go in the warmer. My boss said that popcorn was fine to reheat and serve for up to a week. We never dated the bags, though (bags that we were not allowed to throw away. We reused them all the time) so there was literally no way to know how old the popcorn was. Not as horrifying as some stuff here, but I thought it was kinda gross.

15…Or buying anything from Aveda/Estee Lauder, ever again:

Went to an Aveda beauty school. Every year Aveda does a big recycling cap program, since most plastic caps cannot be recycled. We collected caps for a month, and our clients were really excited to be helping the environment. After the promo was done the instructors made us grab 3-4 garbage bags of caps each…and we threw them in the dumpster of the building next door. We didn’t even use our own trash. Probably because Aveda can take away their franchising rights if they find any infractions.

Also Aveda is owned by Estee Lauder so there is literally nothing natural about them. And they test on animals.