This 22-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome Just Made History By Competing In The Miss USA Pageant

Let’s give Mikayla Holmgreen, a 22-year-old lady from Stillwater, Minnesota a round of applause because she teared up the Miss Minnesota stage with her striking beauty and utmost grace.

A post shared by Mikayla Holmgren (@mikholmgren_inspiring_others) on Nov 28, 2017 at 4:56pm PST

Practically just slaying all beauty standards, Mikayla is a true inspiration and role model to young girls everywhere. After participating and eventually winning The Miss Amazing Junior Miss in 2015, she set her eyes on an even bigger prize, the title of Miss Minnesota USA which makes her the first woman with Down Syndrome to EVER participate in a Miss USA Pageant.

Mikayla’s love for pageants comes from her passion for dance which she has been actively doing since she was merely 6 years old. She explains that she enjoys performing for an audience as it helps her feel stronger and much more connected to herself.

“Dancing is a good outlet for me. It’s how I express myself, It’s my talent and I want to show people what I can do and how I can give more.”‘

As a current student at Bethel University who plans to graduate sometime next year, by staying on campus Mikayla has kept herself busy being involved with extracurriculars such as interning for the school’s child care center and being an ambassador for Best Buddies, an organization that helps people with disabilities to develop relationships and life skills.

On Nov. 26th, Mikayla lit up the Miss Minnesota stage the minute she stepped foot on it. She had participated in mock interviews, practiced her walk with heels, and polished her talent routine for the pageant which leads her to affirm that she wasn’t nervous at all.

Mikayla texted her mom moments before taking the stage saying “I am thankful for the stage, a place for awareness of Down syndrome.” Mikayla didn’t win the title that night but she was given The Miss Minnesota USA Spirit Award and Director’s Award to which she received a standing ovation.

With such a heartwarming response, Mikayla hopes to redefine beauty standards everywhere and hopes to make a significant difference in the world by showing that her disability won’t stop her from reaching her goals. Yaaaaaas Queen.

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