This Guy Took A Photo Of Himself Every Single Day For 9 Years, And The Result Is Stunning

In a display of commitment I will truly never know, this guy has taken a photo of his face every single day from 12 years old to his wedding day. He then stabilized all the photos so his face angle would be consistent — and turned the whole thing into a video.

The results are incredible, and need to be seen to be believed:

It’s genuinely a stunning capture of a life. Not only do you see his face change, but you can see his different rooms, girlfriends, vacations, and cameos from various friends. There’s even one frame where he’s showing his ass. Because why not?

The video was uploaded to Reddit by its creator, user HugoCornellier who encouraged people to try it for themselves, and even laid out some tips:

Here are some quick tips. I’ll think of more as I continue to wake up.

SET REMINDERS ON YOUR PHONE. I get a little ping on my phone every morning and evening saying ‘take your photo!’.

Don’t give up if you miss a day. It happens. The end result will still be fine if you take photos on 90%+ of all days.

Watch other videos and get inspired. The end result is totally worth your time. After your first 50 photos, throw together a timelapse. Seeing what you’ve done so far in just 50 days will really inspire you to continue. Imagine being able to watch a similar video that one of your parents made? Part of why I’m doing this is because I know how crazy it will be for my kids/relatives to see when I’m older.

It only takes 30 seconds per day!!!

The project didn’t end at this wedding day, though. He plans to continue taking pictures with his new wife as they embark on their life together. “I’ve been encouraging her to start her own project as well,” he said. “I know for a fact that I will never stop taking the pics. Can’t wait to watch the project after it’s being going for 30+ years…”

We can’t either.