Netflix Is Dropping An Original Christmas Movie And We Are All About It

Easily one of the best parts of the holiday season is the awesome movie lineups. I know it’s technically Freeform now (I refuse to call it that) It will always be ABC Family 25 days of Christmas. The 25 movies a day filled with holiday spirit are an absolute staple of the holiday season. The only negative part is there are only so many X-mas movies to rotate every year. Have no fear! In comes our friends over at Netflix to save Christmas like Buddy the Elf.

Over Thanksgiving, Netflix has announced its plans to release an original Christmas movie. The movie will be title A Christmas Prince and we could not be more hyped! Royalty and holiday spirit? Umm, yes, please! The holiday season and some royal romance is a perfect combination. Just ask Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it’s an absolute fire pairing. Netflix decided to release the original movie after Hallmark pulled almost all their movies from Netflix. Hallmark began a pursuit of their own new streaming services, “Hallmark Everywhere” and “Hallmark Movies Now.” Luckily for us Christmas movie addicts this means more possibilities to see our favorite festive films.

While I’m not a huge rom-com person, this movie actually sounds pretty watchable.