Google Released The Most Popular Christmas Movies According To Each U.S. State

As Christmas makes its way towards us in only days, we’re all most likely in our third or fourth week of watching our favorite Christmas movies. Just because the holiday hasn’t gotten here yet doesn’t mean we haven’t been celebrating for a good month or so. As soon as it hits mid-November, you bet your bottom dollar we’re all breaking out the classics and watching them in our fuzzy socks with peppermint flavor hot cocoa because, it’s basically Christmas for two months, not just one day. Recently, Google released a bunch of “Winter Holiday Trend Searches” on their search engine and provided some pretty juicy details about people’s search history.

For one, people across the United States have great taste in cookies, as the top cookie recipes searched were:

Sugar cookies
Gingerbread cookies
Chocolate chip cookies
Peanut butter cookies
Snickerdoodle cookies
I mean, what else could you truly ask for? Those are the best cookies anyone can bake. Some people weren’t only trying to get cooking in the kitchen, but apparently they were trying to get crafty this time of year too, as the most “how to” searches were:
How to draw a Christmas tree
How to decorate a Christmas tree
How to make a Christmas bow
How to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in German
How to put a ribbon on a Christmas tree

Good luck to whoever is trying to learn how to speak German, that language is tough. But, the most interesting reveal of all was the most searched Christmas movies broken down by state. Now, I’m pretty shocked that “Home Alone” didn’t make this list, it’s definitely one of the best movies in terms of holiday classics. But, Google states the top movies happen to be The Polar Express, Elf, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story and Love Actually. It seems as though the majority of people were fans of The Polar Express – which, is a good movie, but not my personal favorite. Next up was Elf, but mostly in the West and of course, my home town New York. Middle America love themselves some National Lampoon and, Washington D.C., by its lonesome, came with the only fan of Love Actually. I wonder if it’s because everyone is depressed in D.C. over Trump living there now.

Trump. Trump hurt them.