30 People Share The Pettiest Thing Their Ex Has Ever Done And It’ll Make You Never Want To Date Again

6.  Anunez1:

The day I left my ex boyfriend I spent 4 hours in the woods looking for my truck keys because he had thrown my keys away in the woods behind our apartment in a feeble effort to stop me from walking out.

7. singingminnie07:

My ex husband donated all of our wedding decorations and things to a local thrift shop. There’s nothing like walking into a thrift store and seeing the centerpieces I spent lots of time and money on sitting on the bottom shelf for 25 cents each…

8. kathrynk428b3ddeb:

He called me two months after we broke up to tell me that he had just received the best blow job he’d ever had.

9. t473569574:

When I was a senior in highschool I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years because I cheated on him. He decided to drive home from college and back(on a weeknight, about 3 and half hours each way), just to hand deliver a long ass letter and a shirt that I bought him. I tore up the letter and wore the shirt to school that day. We were both petty af tbh.

10. laurenbutler500:

My ex changed the passwords to my snapchat, ruined my bitmoji, and proceeded to block every guy on my account.