‘Christmas Boobs’ Are The New Trend For Ugly Sweater Parties And We’re Not Sure How To Feel

I’m not entirely sure what the true meaning of Christmas is anymore as the years go on. As a child, I was taught that Christmas was supposed to be the celebration of Jesus Christ and his birth. But, as I’ve grown up in society, I’ve seen more often that people are losing sight of the “true meaning” of the holiday and instead, going for more of a “commercialized” version of Christmas. I can bet my last dollar that more people attend Black Friday sales to give huge Christmas gifts than those who attend Church on Christmas Eve – but, that’s none of my business.

As many people know, Ugly Sweater Parties have become a staple in society as a way to celebrate the holidays. Every year, individuals try to find a “festive” yet “ugly” sweater that will turn heads and make them stand out. This year, everyone seems to be taking it one step further and going full “tits out for the boys.”

At our Christmas party. #bjscabanabar #bestie #christmasboob #uglysweater #merrychristmas

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Twinkle tits ⭐️ #christmasjumper #girlsnight #freethenips #titmas created by @lexiiallan

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That’s right, people are decorating their boobs for Christmas. If you ask me, it’s a bit extra. But, others feel as though there can be some benefit to having “Christmas boobs,” like if you’re nursing.

What about you, fellow PizzaBottlers – are Christmas boobs a hit or a miss?