‘Dickinis’ Are Now A Thing And No One Knows How To Feel About Them

In a world where anything is possible, it seems as though people take “dream big,” very far. Like, for example, creating something that just shouldn’t be created. Fashion, for example, sometimes has a way of making people think “wow,” and other times has a way of making people think “WTF?” Dickinis are definitely in the second category. Recently,  a website and clothing distributor known as “Dollskill” debuted their latest ~trendy~ item designed by Namilia called the “Namilia Glitter Dickini.”

Namilia Glitter Dickini will get your aura pumpin’. This freaky lil top has sum sparkly dix that are lookin’ hella fancy ridin’ on rainbowz with a dope 3D glitter effect and elastic around tha neck and back with a bikini hook closure.

They retail on the website for $136 and can be ordered in sizes Small/Medium or Medium/Large – in case you were interested in buying one. But, if you don’t like this particular one, you can head over to Namilia and order one directly for $145.

While they seem fashion-forward, people on Twitter were unsure how to feel about them. Some people loved them – including rapper Cardi B.

Other people, not so much.