This Dad Thought He Found His Daughter’s Sex Toy And He Was Hilariously Wrong

When it comes to talking about things with your parents, I think it’s safe to assume no one wants to discuss their sex lives – especially when you’re younger. We’re all human beings with wants, needs, and desires and I don’t think it’s particularly abnormal to want to learn to “pleasure ourselves,” every once in a while. So, having a sex toy or two to get down with is a-okay in my book. But, some parents aren’t exactly into the idea of their children (mostly daughters) having these items in their home. Do I agree? No. But, you know how the saying goes – “my house, my rules.” One dad had gone into his daughter’s room to “borrow chapstick” and found something a bit different.

Clearly, this dad has no idea what a vibrator/dildo looks like. And, I now feel bad not only for the daughter but also for the mother. Come on dude, learn how to please a woman. Also, why are you invading your daughter’s privacy? I’m sorry, I understand that’s “your house” but it’s also wrong for you to go through her drawers and then blow up her spot. Also, if it were a sex toy, why are you shaming your daughter for wanting to pleasure herself?

People on Twitter felt some type of way.