This Video Captured Victoria’s Secret Models Cheerfully Singing The N-Word Backstage

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wouldn’t be the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show if it didn’t involve some sort of race-motivated controversy, but this year we are— being the shitshow that is 2017— we get a twofer!  First Gigi Hadid was banned from China “indefinitely” after enraged fans saw social media posts in which she narrowed her eyes to mimic a Buddha cookie (POOR TASTE, HADIDS). Now there’s video of almost wholly-white crew of models singing along to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” and belting out the n-word.

In the circulated video clip taken at the Shanghai shows and posted to much vitriol by Twitter account @PopCrave you can hear the models singing the lyric “I don’t wanna choose / And I’m quick, cut a ni**a off, so don’t get comfortable.”

It’s times like these that make you cringe real hard to be a white girl. It seems as though the clip was pulled off of model Karlie Kloss’s blog. A YouTube video shows her BTS and at 2:59, and the shot lines up with the video shared by @PopCrave, however the slur was curiously omitted in Kloss’ version, suggesting she edited that part out when uploading to her social medias. Maybe she should have just refrained from sharing at all?

The video clip has many Twitter users enraged and pointing out the fundamental problem here is not even necessarily the use of the n-word, but the use of the n-word by these people in this specific situation. In other words, a bunch of almost-naked privileged white chicks who are supposed to epitomize beauty.



Others were quick to point out the one black model’s response to the situation: