‘Vogue’ Ranked Victoria’s Secret Models Bodies And People Are Not Having It

As I’m sure many of you know, the unbelievably popular Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was on Monday. This year’s show took place in Shanghai, China and was interesting before anyone even walked down the catwalk. Censorship was an issue with the show from the very beginning, banning media, models, and even performers *cough* Katy Perry. Now VS has never been accused of being at the forefront of promoting body positivity. Victoria’s Secret has straight up refused to extend invitations to plus-sized models. Why would they want to join one of the biggest fashion shows on planet earth? Not cool! Recently we have seen a lot of the fashion world perpetuate all different types of shapes and sizes in their models. Thanks to people like Ashley Graham the mold of the stereotypical model is begin to get destroyed, no thanks to Victoria’s Secret.

‘Vogue’ published an article with the title, “The Best Victoria’s Secret Bodies of All Time, From Gisele Bündchen to Bella Hadid.” Don’t you worry the magazine decided to double down by Tweeting out a link to the article with the caption:

“It’s a tough job, but someone had to pick the best Victoria’s Secret bodies of all time.”

Did they now? Did they really have to rank some of the most beautiful women to ever walk God’s green earth? It seems really important and beneficial. On top of that, everyone seems to love the fact that they systematically ranked these women’s bodies. How can you pick the “best” body out of a pool of almost perfect looking models? Seems like an awesome way to spread body positivity. Just curious what does the person who gets to “rank” these women’s bodies prerequisites look like?

 “The annual runway spectacular … has become as much about its diminutive pieces of lace and silk as it is about the bodies that wear them, Their trademark limbs and abs (act) as their famously toned calling cards.”