Blake Shelton’s Racist And Homophobic Tweets Are Really Really Unsexy

Blake Shelton, a man who most people only know about because he’s dating Gwen Stefani, was just named People‘s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ and the Internet’s collective reaction must have made him feel pretty awful about it. Like, sure, sexiness is subjective and there’s no reason to get salty about some magazine’s arbitrary ‘sexiness’ award, so on initial reaction you might feel kind of bad for him. But before you start feeling too bad for him, consider some of the really really really nasty things he’s tweeted in the past.

Disgusting homophobic and racist tweets that should’ve disqualified him from any ‘sexiness’ competition for life. Blake Shelton’s old tweets began to resurface in the midst of the backlash against his win, and BOY if he ain’t just the worst! (He is.)

In August of 2016, the Twitter account @MusicFactsTea blasted some screenshots taken between 2009 and 2011 which really exposed Shelton’s opinions on homosexuality.

Several other even more disturbing tweets were documented by Twitter account @rhea_xcx: