8 Small Ways To Combat Anxiety When It’s At Its Worst

5. Put your phone down.

The worst thing to do while having an anxiety attack is to look at your phone and risk seeing something that may make you even more anxious. It is probably your initial reaction to reach your phone but it’s best to just put the technology down and focus on getting over the attack. If you’re ignoring the anxiety, it’ll come back and hit you even harder.

6. Give yourself a pep talk.

Once you have your breathing down and you’re starting to feel better, give yourself a pep talk. Just talk to yourself and put your anxious thoughts into words. When you talk to yourself and rationalize everything out loud, it sounds a lot less scary. Everything is always worse in your head so when you say the words, you realize that your anxiety is in your head and you can get through it easier.

7. Buy something small for yourself.

If your anxiety is unrelated to money, I recommend buying something small like a pastry or your favorite drink. A little treat to take your mind off of your anxiety and to also just comfort you a bit is always a good idea. Teat yo’self, it’ll feel good.

8. Talk to someone.

If you’re really feeling horrible and can’t shake your anxiety, talk to someone. Call your therapist, your mom, a friend – anyone who can help you when your anxiety gets really bad. Just talking through your emotions can sometimes help you feel better. And, talk therapy has been proven to work with anxiety and understanding why it occurs.