Twitter Is Outraged Over This Disgusting Macaroni And Cheese Recipe

Every year around the holiday seasons, talk shows invite chefs to come onto TV and introduce some delicious recipes for viewers to try at home. While some of them look delicious and good, others look disgusting and gross. I’m all for someone coming onto TV and showing me how to make my Thanksgiving turkey smoked with some candied bacon (yum), but, don’t come onto my television set and mess up my Thanksgiving macaroni and cheese. On a Food Network show, one chef came on to discuss a “delicious macaroni and cheese recipe” – which, looked good from the start. But, after adding the milk, noodles, and cheese, the chef threw in carrots and Brussel sprouts  – which, should be f*cking illegal. How dare you put vegetables into my mac and cheese. RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY SALAD? I don’t think so.

People on Twitter were so disturbed that account @CocoaButterbf decided to make a hilarious reaction video using some pretty popular GIFs and memes (watch the entire thing, it’s hilarious).

And, after seeing the video, Twitter is in complete agreement that this is ruining everyone’s week.