16 Thanksgiving-Themed TV Episodes To Watch While Neglecting Your Cooking

Every year when a holiday rolls around, we look for ways to get out of our household chores and cooking. When we go home for the holidays, our parents always want us to help out – whether it’s peeling potatoes or dusting off the picture frames holding embarrassing photos of you as a child. But, what we’d much rather be doing is sitting in the basement with a coffee spiked with some fall flavored vodka and binge watch some hilarious holiday-themed episodes of our favorite TV shows. Lucky for you, there are dozens of shows that have Thanksgiving-themed episodes. So, grab your vodka, run downstairs and get comfortable because this list is something to be thankful for.

1. Gilmore Girls – “A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving” (Season 3, Episode 9):

Who doesn’t love the Gilmore Girls? They’re always talking 25 miles a minute, they live off of coffee (much like ourselves) and they always have a punch line to throw. This episode showcases the Gilmore Girls in a nutshell when Lorelai and Rory agree to go to several Thanksgiving dinners and try to make it to every single one – including Lane’s, Sookie’s and Lorelai’s parents’.

2. The Office – “WUPHF.om” (Season 7, Episode 9):

If you don’t binge watch The Office when you have time off from school/work, what are you doing with your life? It’s easily one of the funniest shows on TV. Plus, Netflix is bound to get rid of it eventually, so you better start catching up on it for the 9th time. This episode showcases Dwight Schrute in all of his glory as he runs a Thanksgiving hay festival in the parking lot of Dunder Mifflin. And, Ryan (the temp) creates a new social media app that sends notifications to people via every single possible way imaginable.

3. Friends – “The One With All The Thanksgiving Flashbacks” (Season 5, Episode 8):

Friends is one of those shows that will never, ever get old. And, lucky for us, they have tons of holiday episodes (seeing as it was on for so long). The flashback episodes are the absolute best because Ross and Chandler were twice as awkward, Rachel didn’t have a nose job yet and Monica in a fat suit is pure genius. This episode showcases Monica and Chandler at their most awkward – when Monica accidentally cuts off his toe.