9 Things To Be Thankful For In Your 20’s

We should be thankful throughout the entire year, not just around the time of Thanksgiving; however, this season I am especially thankful for quite a few things. Being in your 20’s brings a whole new definition to the term “thankful.” It no longer becomes about the materialistic things but more about the roof over our head, the people surrounding us, and the littlest of things. Growing up I remember always being taught that not everyone is as fortunate as you are and that it is important to be thankful for things like food, friends, and family. It is not all about the materialistic things that you have. But as a child and even a teen for that matter, you don’t really realize the extent of how thankful you should be. It takes spending some time away from home, on your own, and being in your 20’s in the real big world to truly appreciate the value of your life.

1. Your freedom to be an individual.

In your 20’s you finally get to take a step into the real world and have the freedom to do and be anything that you want. It is something that should not be taken for granted, especially as a female; because not every 20 something-year-old around the world has the same independent freedoms that you do. Embrace the fact that you’re choosing your own path – whether you’re in college or working a full-time job. You’re able to make decisions for yourself, by yourself. It’s that sweet taste of independence that we should be thankful for.

2. Your overbearing parents.

This age is the time you finally come to the realization that all of the hard times your parents gave you growing up was for your benefit in the long run. You also start to appreciate your mother for everything she is and you regret lying to her so much in your teenage years. They did everything that they did for you because they cared about you and they were tough on you because they needed to be in order to make you are who you are today. If you have both of your parents alive, appreciate them and thank them as much as you possibly can. And, if you lost a parent, visit them and remind them that you care.

3. Your semi-good health.

As you get older you realize how amazing, yet scary, the human body can be. It can be powerful enough to make you a living person, but yet so weak and unable to fight off a disease. In today’s society anyway with good health should be extremely thankful. Even if you feel like sh*t and haven’t been to the gym in ages, appreciate the fact that you’re able to wake up every morning and drive to Starbucks for your overpriced coffee, not everyone has those luxuries.