Doctor Claims To Have Successfully Completed The First Ever Head Transplant And Apparently Frankenstein Is Real Y’all

Well, If you ever wanted a new body to walk in then look no further because your dream is about to come true. At a press conference in Vienna, Austria, an Italian neurosurgeon who goes by the name of Sergio Canavero has officially stated that he has successfully completed the world’s first ever head transplant between two decaying bodies. Because that’s totally normal – right?

Dr. Canavero announced that he was able to achieve this procedure by removing one of the heads and attaching it to the other body by combining all of the nerves along with the spine and blood vessels. After carefully executing the first part of the transplant, he then moved on to the second portion of it which, to be honest just gets weirder…because apparently after all of the combinings that had been done, we now move on to stimulating the nerves of the dead now maybe alive body (?) to see if the transplant was successful.

A procedure that would essentially last about 18 hours long, Dr. Canavero said that the next crucial step into the practice would be executing the transplant on living humans. Although no official details have been released such as organ removals, type of equipment used, or any medical techniques orchestrated, he reinstated that an official scientific report will be released soon, it would just be a matter of days.

During an interview with Business Insider, Dr. Canavero confessed that the actual procedure is called HEAVEN – which is short for head anastomosis venture and that the most important part of the whole operation is the use of electricity.

“Electricity has the power to speed up regrowth, Bing bang bong you have the solution.”

Most of Dr. Canavero’s discoveries have not been well received though. I mean who can blame them for feeling like they were just thrown in icy cold water with such a claim. In fact, many experts such as Robert Brownstone, a professor at the University of Oxford just doesn’t seem to find the union of spinal cords credible for a head transplant. John Pickard another professor but this time at the University of Cambridge just doesn’t think he’s done the actual science. Rough.