Starbucks Just Released Rose Gold Cups And They’re Breaking Instagram

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Coffee is always better in a cute tumbler ? I snatched this up at Starbucks today- I can’t resist anything pink and glittery ??

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Now there are other pink Starbucks cups available on Amazon but let’s be real, we want these bad boys. Especially if they’re limited edition you can make your friends jealous for years to come. I’m digging the reusable cup for a few reasons, one is the fact that it’s pink and a sparkly. Who doesn’t love that? If we’re using reusable cups we’re also doing our old pal mother earth a hand so it’s what we call a win-win.

Starbucks cups have always been a pretty prominent part of the holiday season. Most people know that for years Starbucks had their recognizable red cups. Since 1997 your holiday coffee has been served in a red Starbucks cup. As of the beginning of November which kicks off the holiday season, Starbucks decided to take things in a different direction. And obviously,Twitter is absolutely loving it

This year you will be able to color your own cup in however you see fit – how cool? Starbucks has done a great job at getting their cups intertwined with both customers and the holidays for years. People have been taking it upon themselves to add their own personal flair to their Sbux cups for years. So, the company is deciding to make it a bit easier this year. Starbucks has held contests for the best-designed cup and even last year there were 13 different cup designs. The 13 different cups last year we’re all designed by customers which are a pretty cool. It’s not a bad way for the company to integrate customers into their holiday plans.

Don’t just get jacked up about the cups. If there are holiday cups all my Starbucks fans know one thing that means holiday flavors.  We got Toasted White Chocolate, Chestnut Praline Latte, Caramel Brulee Latte, Eggnog Latte and Peppermint Mocha. I doubt this will make me a morning person but it certainly does help. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have the energy to roll out of bed.You know what will change that? A Caramel Brulee Latte in my new sequence pink coffee cup. Looks like I know what I’m doing on my lunch break! I have to get my hands on these cups before they are gone forever!