7 Ways Sex Changes For Couples As They Get Older

Face it, sex isn’t like it used to be right? You know it’s true. The older we get, the more it changes for couples. When we’re young, we want to rip each other’s clothes off and get down and dirty. We use toys, we experiment – we go the whole nine yards. But, as we get older, things “calm down” for us in relationships. It’s true, the honeymoon phase won’t last forever. While you still have sex with your partner, it’s usually less often or less intense. Everyone’s sex life is different from one another and that is nothing to be ashamed of. But, it’s universally true that sex and love making changes over time.

1. Sex becomes much more intimate.

As we age and you are with your significant other, having sex becomes more intimate and sensual. It’s not just considered “sex” or hooking up anymore, it has more meaning to it. As you get older, your feelings deepen for one another and more often than not, you’re “making love” rather than “f*cking.”

2. You both have things you know you like, a lot.

With increasing age and more experience with other partners in the past, you both have grown to explore new ways and also self-discovery.  It could be a new position or a new sex toy. Either way, you both know different ways to have sex and what to use if you are into that sort of thing. It’s not so much as you continue to experiment, it’s more than you know already what you like and what drives you to that point you’re looking to reach.

3. You know your body better, so sex gets better.

You know what feels good and what doesn’t due to past experiences. You get more comfortable with your body and what works for you. Maybe you’re a female and you don’t get off with penetration and need your clit to be stimulated, but you’re not ashamed to ask your partner to love you the way you need to. In the past, you may have faked it a few times just to satisfy them, but now, you want your big O too.

4. There’s less pressure associated with sex.

I’m sure you both have had sex a lot already and don’t need to prove to each other your best moves and skills. It’s no longer about trying to impress each other and make yourself look like a porn-star to blow their mind, but more so about enjoying the time and activity together. And, when you don’t want to do it, you don’t feel as bad.

5. Sex may change definition entirely into “baby making.”

Eventually, couples reach a point where they want to have kids (sometimes, not all couples do). But, when you do reach that point in your relationship, sex becomes more of a mission rather than something you do for fun. Mission = get a baby inside me.

6. The older you get, the lower your libido gets.

It’s true, unfortunately. Your libido tends to dip down as we get older and couples aren’t having sex as much as they used to. There are possible reasons though too why it lowers. It could be the medication you or your partner are taking, you might be stressed out or depressed in your life, or just, in general, a lower sex hormone in your body causing it to decrease. With age, we start to crave sex less. It isn’t abnormal to have sex with your partner less.

7. Which means you may have less sex.

As we get older, not only does our libido slip away, but we get pretty busy and have a lot more responsibilities on our plate. When we’re young and carefree, we had much more energy and time for sex. As we get older, we have less time and less energy. You and your partner get into bed and are ready to pass out before you even consider having sex.