17 Definite Signs You’ve Found The Person You’re Going To Marry

11. Running errands is actually fun with them.

Why would you want to be with somebody who doesn’t make simple things even a little bit more fun? Here’s my theory: laughter keeps you healthy, and errands get things done, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

12. They bring out an excitement for life in you.

Remember when you were little and you wouldn’t be able to sleep because you were so excited for a class trip the next school day? That’s what it feels like when you’re with the person you’re supposed to marry. They make you the most excited just to be alive with them, regardless of what you’re doing.

13. The love between you isn’t selfish.

You love each other without condition, and you don’t expect anything in return. Being in love with someone means that you want the best for them, not just the best for yourself, and I think that that’s important to know because you can’t base any relationship on self-centered needs and expect it to thrive. You realize that your relationship is a partnership, not just one-sided and both of you need to be happy in order for it to grow.

14. It’s easy to make big decisions together.

Anything from figuring out which cafe to go to, to figuring out which city to live in or which neighborhood to buy your house is easy when you do it together. You both know what you want, and you both know when to make compromises in making decisions. Making decisions, both minor and major, shouldn’t be difficult with the person that you’re going to marry – you’re going to have to make decisions for the rest of your life together.

15. They’ve changed your outlook on life.

Before I met my boyfriend, I was so against the idea of marriage after watching the marriage of my parents fall apart. Once I met him, all of that changed. I realized that love doesn’t have to be a negative thing, and it doesn’t always have to end badly. I can honestly say that my boyfriend has changed the way I view the world, and I never thought I’d ever been able to say that.

16. They inspire you to be a better person.

The person you marry should always inspire you. Life is about growing, and that shouldn’t stop once you get older and settle down. The person you are with should bring out the best version of yourself – without having to change who you are. The person you love, they should love.

17. You’ve gone through a lot together.

Sometimes life isn’t fair. Sometimes really bad things happen in your life, and sometimes that makes a relationship weaker. Going through serious things, both good or bad, with your significant other is a really good way to see if you’re both in it for the long haul. As long as you two can be there for each other and support each other through the good and bad, it’s a match made in heaven.