17 Definite Signs You’ve Found The Person You’re Going To Marry

6. You both get stupidly excited dreaming about your future together, no matter how unrealistic the fantasy.

In our dreams, my boyfriend and I own matching Mercedes G-Classes and we have a studio attached to our million-dollar house to make art and music in. This might actually be our life one day, but it might not, and we’re okay with that too. Dreaming about it together and pretending we live this life is just as fun.

7. But, you also plan realistic things together.

My boyfriend and I have also planned out the type of bookshelf we need in our future house. Glamorous? No. Possible to fulfill so I can live like Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Yes.

8. They’re your number one fan, and you are theirs.

I don’t even think you can be in a normal relationship with someone who doesn’t fully support the things that you want in life, let alone marry them. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t give you their full support. Even if your dreams seem silly, even if your goals seem out of reach – your partner should always support you 100%. Find someone who’s your number one fan, and marry TF out of them.

9. They like your seriously weird quirks and habits.

You shouldn’t feel like you need to change the little things about who you are as a person in order to make your significant other happy. In fact, you should never change who you are to make someone else happy. The person you marry should accept the fact that you hate wearing pants (me) or that sometimes, in order to ground yourself on a stressful day, you need to lay down on the floor for a few hours (also me). The person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with will love the things about you that other people may find “weird.”

10. They don’t care that you snore at night (and other weird things).

Guys, I am a disgusting sleeper. I’m just going to put that out there right now. I knew that I wanted to marry my boyfriend when he said he liked when I snored because it meant I was having a good sleep. Sometimes I also sleep with my eyes kind of opened. It’s literally the weirdest thing, but my boyfriend doesn’t really care that I look like a zombie while I sleep, and that is why I’m keeping him around.