26 Crazy Ex’s Share The Truth Behind Their Crazy Label

21. JosefTheFritzl:

She said:

I became possessive and jealous, getting upset whenever she did something without telling or including me.

He said:

We had been dating for a few years and her family still didn’t know. I was ready to be a bigger part of her life and meet her family in a boyfriend context, maybe even participate in some of their family activities. She kept saying, “Oh by brothers-in-law will tease you”. Wat? Why should that matter?

22. siakalin:

He said:

I was condsidered the crazy ex. He told all of our coworkers (we worked together) and mutual friends I was a cheater, a liar, that I was with him for his money (I made 2x as much he did because he called out of work every other day) a drug addict and many other things.

She said:

For months he tried to get me back. He even went so far as lying about having cancer. When he found out I was with someone else he offered to be my “boyfriend on the side”. My mom is a vet. He used to ask her for pain pills (I didn’t know) and she would never give him any. When she said no and threatened to tell me. He called the VA “anonymously” and said my mom was selling her perscriptions. All the meanwhile he was physically and emotionally abusive. Addicted to Percocet. About 8 months after we split I found out he molested my then 4 yr old daughter and took voyeristic photos of women at workbor in public, children at the park. All pictures zoomed in on their chest, butt and private areas. He was fired for it when i turnd the evidence in. Those friends still defend him and say what a great guy. Im not friends with any of them. I don’t feel the need to defend myself against his lies. You can’t argue a crazy person’s lies. The aggrivation isn’t worth it.

23.  nebuchadn3zzar:

She said:

I’m currently the crazy Ex of someone for multiple reasons.

He said:

Crazy: I wrote her 100+ Poems

Explanation: We met at a Poetry reading and both loved Poetry. Somewhere down the line I started writing her a poem every night. The poems weren’t creepy or even had anything to do with love. 99% of the time they were about random things i wanted a write a poem about (Ie. Procrastination, Biking in spring, smoke in the kitchen)

Crazy: When she wasn’t responding to her cell phone, I would call her home phone and ask her parents if I could speak to her

Explanation: Okay, I probably should have taken the hint that she wasn’t responding to my texts or calls to her cell phone. But to be fair, she had a reputation of being super hard to get in contact with. I was just more persistent than most. Plus her parents loved me and she would still come to hang out after I asked her. So at the time, I saw nothing wrong.

Crazy: I spread rumors about her being lesbian

Explanation: I mean, we had been going on dates for an while and she had shown 0 interest in anything. I think the extent of our relationship was holding hands twice (again, maybe this should have set off alarm bells). I was talking with a couple of friends and they asked me about all the sex I was having. Once they learned the extent of our carnal interaction, they proceeded to tease me. As an excuse for chastity I posited that she was lesbian. She’s strong and dresses in athletic attire so the rumor sorta stuck around.

Crazy: After we broke up, I took a shit in her mailbox.

Explanation: 100% not true. I have no idea where that came from.

24. Riggybee:

He said:

I ran into him while I was on a date one time, and the girl he was with said “oh, YOU’RE the crazy ex!”

She said:

I was 14 and he was 17. He was constantly grooming me and abusing me. He broke up with me after 6 months, and I was so heart broken, but he kept calling me. Just wouldn’t visit. Eventually I quit saying “I love you” at the end of our calls (I was starting to move on), and he called me a stupid cunt for it.

After that, all communication ceased. I wound up being really depressed and feeling entirely alone, wound up self harming and using drugs. I ran into him while I was on a date one time, and the girl he was with said “oh, YOU’RE the crazy ex!”. He told people I stalked him, etc. I was 14, I couldn’t even drive. He lived two towns away. We saw each other again 4? Years later, after I broke up with a different guy. He was room mates with a friend of mine, and my friend didn’t know anything about us. He tried rekindling the relationship. I shot him down repeatedly.

He stalked me and made an entire blog dedicated to me and how much he needs me back. He tried to black mail me. Then my friend/his room mate stepped in. Not sure what all happened, but he has left me alone ever since, finally.

25. Chloedancer123:

He said:

I am a money hungry bitch or needy.

She said:

He is narcissistic. I was on a pedestal in the begining, and spent the next 14 years becoming increasingly anxious as nothing was ever enough. I also adopted his daughter who has reactive attachment disorder which is very difficult. Eventually o kind of lost myself completely. When he left and I found out about the affairs I was devastated. It took months to get to the point that I realized I didn’t fail him somehow. I pushed for a large amount of childsupport because my ability to work is limited by our daughters mental health and I have moved four times with his career.

26. Hunny_Bunny20:

He said:

I was the crazy ex because I would go through his phone and not respect his privacy. I would get mad when he hung out with his friends.

She said:

He would act super sketchy, won’t ever let me even touch his phone and would give me attitude if I asked him who he was texting. Came to find out one day that he was sleeping with another girl. I would be mad that he would go hang out with his friends because I would be at his house and he would leave me there to go with them. I didn’t even live with him. He didn’t even bother to see if I could have come along. So I would just have to hang out alone or go home.