29 People Shared The Worst Wedding Guest Stories Of All Time & Holy Sh*t They’re Cringeworthy

26. Anonymous:

At my best friend’s wedding, the worst guest was the officiating minister. First, he stopped the ceremony right in the middle because the 3 year old flower girl was, understandably, a bit fidgety. He announced that “Someone needs to get that child under control.” Not only that, when the ceremony was (we thought) over, the mother of the groom stood to clap. Apparently, Reverend Sourpuss had more to say, because he shook his finger at her and told her, in front of everyone, “Ma’am, I am NOT finished. You need to sit down.”

I will never forgive that man for ruining what should have been the most perfect day of my best friend’s life.

27. Allen:

My husband and I were married in a small ceremony in December of 2015 so we could legally adopt our son. We held a much larger, planned ceremony in June of 2016. We were surrounded by 300 of our closest family and friends.

I invited my long time best friend from high school. We have known each other since 10th grade, 25 years. We were tied at the hip, always together. We worked together, went to concerts together, you name it.

We got older, jobs took us in different directions, I moved to the east coast and she moved to the west coast. We kept in touch by email, text and the occasional phone call. She and her partner ended up moving back about 2 years prior to our wedding.

Although we were extremely close, I did not ask her to be in my wedding. After struggling with knowing that I might have offended her by not asking her to be part of our day, I finally asked her to be our personal attendant. She never replied to my texts, phone calls, etc. She would only respond to my messages on Facebook Messenger. Her response was over the top and seemed as if she was excited and said yes. However, she never showed up to shopping events, planning events, nothing.

Two weeks before the wedding I texted her to remind her to mail in her RSVP. She replied and thanked me for the reminder. A week out, I texted her saying, I never received the RSVP and that I assume they are not coming. No response. Our big day came, and I totally forgot to change the floral order to cut out her flowers.

Two minutes before our ceremony, she showed up with her mother and her partner. Her partner, is something else. She is intimidated by me. Why, well lets just say I can spot a Bullshitter a mile away and tend to call people out on their BS. This girl is a hot mess.

They show up, and the girlfriend is anxious. She is on edge the entire time. I never saw them at all. It wasn’t until after the wedding that I was told that she showed up. Apparently she showed up, and when she received her flowers to wear she had a look of disgust on her face.

They sat in front of some friends of mine, who told me that they mocked our ceremony the entire time. They made fun of everything. Our Vows were dedicated to each other and our son. We baptized our son with everyone present. Apparently, this sent them over the edge and the girl friend started laughing, so hard to the point where they had to leave. Haven’t heard from her since.

I have been told that they are jealous that my husband and I were able to adopt a child. See, it was their plan to move back home to be closer to family so they too could have children. But they both smoke a ton of pot, are in poor health, and could never carry a child.

Their plan was to move back home, foster children, and since weed is not legal in Nebraska they were going to grow their own pot at the cost of taxpayer’s money from the foster system. Once they found out we were having a baby, they went off the deep end with jealousy. Sad but true.

Best part is. I know they smoke a ton of drugs. I am taking a new job with a new company and will end up being my former best friends boss. I am a fan of random drug testing of employees. Funny how that works.

28. Brenda:

At my wedding, during dinner I turned to my husband and said that my brothers gf didn’t look to happy at the table they were sitting at. During speeches, I look over and she’s got her legs up on the table, spread wide and she decided to go commando that day.

Try to ignore….next comes time for dancing, she’s running around, screaming, breaking shit in the bathroom, yelling at my brother, swing my 8 and 10 yr old nieces around on the dance floor, stripping!

My brother is nowhere to be found now, he disappeared. I tried to ignore the best I could, found out later she had done a bunch of coke, plus the drinking and she was pissed at my brother because it wasn’t them getting married! He got mad at her and went and passed out in the bushes! Fun times 🙂

29. Nikki:

My mom’s half sister got married when I was like 13. The reception was at a hotel, and about halfway through, some former friends of the bride (5-6 of them who weren’t invited) showed up and tried to start a fight. They got kicked out but they weren’t done. They somehow got back in and rode three goddamn motorcycles through the fucking hotel’s main floor. Needless to say, a ton of cops were called. After that settled down, the groom got so wasted he ended up doing drunken handstands on the dance floor and passed out.