29 People Shared The Worst Wedding Guest Stories Of All Time & Holy Sh*t They’re Cringeworthy

11. Courtney:

I feel like I should nominate myself as one of the worst wedding guests ever, but want to point out that it was for a good cause!

My best friend is gay and comes from a very, very religious family, like as a child he was pretty much in a cult kind of religious. Needless to say his coming out process with them has been pretty awful.

Because his mom sees pictures of us together, she was convinced that if I just left my husband, he and I would be very happy together.

When he brought me to his sister’s wedding, I got ALL the drunk, danced scandalously (for a super religious wedding), convinced the bartender to let me mix everyone’s drinks, and licked my friend on the side of the face in front of everyone during the “kiss the way you want the bride and groom to kiss” game.

His sister the bride also thought his parents were being assholes about his gay-ness so she thought it was awesome.

My goal was to be SO awful that his parents would never want him to bring another girl home ever again. Last month, they invited his boyfriend over for dinner for the first time. Win!

12. Jaclyn:

We like to plan parties in my family, so when my sister was getting married, my mom and I handled most of the details ourselves. We made the favors and centerpieces, decorated the venue- pretty much everything that goes into decor was personally made by us. Day of the wedding, my brother-in-law’s aunt shows up insisting she wants to come with us to decorate that morning.

We start loading stuff into our cars and she tells us not to- she’s going to rent a truck because she insists that we will not be able to get everything there in our 3 separate SUVs. So we waited almost 2 hours on an already tight timeline for her to show up with this truck and were scrambling till the very last minute to get things done before we had to leave to go get dressed.

We try to take the aunt with us but she tells us she doesn’t have time to go home and change because she lives 2 hours away and didn’t bring a change of clothes with her. She’s dressed in a sweatshirt and yoga pants. When we come back she’s made some very minor changes to the decor- things that went against what my sister wanted, but whatever, we aren’t going to fight with her about it.

She attends the wedding in her sweats, and when it’s time for speeches, she unexpectedly gets up and takes the mic. She thanks everyone for coming to HER event and proceeds to tell everyone how hard she worked on it (she had not done a single thing until that day, and even then she did next to nothing) and goes on to promote her “party planning business”.

She literally got up there and told everyone that if they liked what they saw, they could contact her for event planning services. My mom and I were furious, as was my sister, who got up and took the mic and went on to thank HER family who had worked nonstop for months to put this together.

My sister and brother-in-law had provided all the alcohol for the event and the venue provided just the bartender, so the intention was obviously to pack up what was left over and bring it back to them.

After the reception while we were helping clean/pack up some things, we found the aunt at the bar, telling the bartender to give her a few cases of beer to bring home since “I didn’t even drink. I NEVER drink when I’m hosting an event”. We noped her right the hell out of there after that, and she’s no longer invited to anything, ever.

13. Kristine:

my family found out that I was pregnant at my wedding. and my father, while very happy about this news, got very drunk and decided to lament to everyone about my abortion the year before. I’m not ashamed of my abortion but it’s also my story to tell to who I want and it was so selfish of him to go and tell everyone about how it made him feel and how disappointed he was in me for doing that while completely disregarding all the reasons I would have done it. it was a tiny wedding with guests that consisted of mostly my close family who knew about it but he pretty much made it all about him and I was so upset that my new husband and I didn’t even consummate our marriage because on top of everything else, my dad who traveled for his work, stayed with us whenever he was in town and drove home with us at the end of the night.

14. Sheena:

One of my bridesmaids brought her boyfriend of a few months. She was also cheating on him. She was also was pressuring him marry her. At the sight of my wedding vows he had what she described as an anxiety attack. During the reception he started freaking out to her about how he hated weddings and how he was itchy and sweaty.

She decided the best way to calm him down was to take him in the bathroom during the reception and bone him. Then she came back when they were through and proceeded to tell our whole table what they had just done. Also, it took her five years but she finally broke him down and they are getting married in four weeks. I’m sure it’ll last. ?

15. Anonymous:

1) My husband’s uncle.

He got very intoxicated. He decided to remove his shirt during dinner to show the rest of the people seated at his table his tattoos. After dinner he fell into the table holding the wedding cake and knocked it to the floor.

2) The photographer my husband hired was a friend of his sister.

She also drank heavily and none of the pictures at the reception turned out.

This may have been an omen of things to come. We are no longer married.