29 People Shared The Worst Wedding Guest Stories Of All Time & Holy Sh*t They’re Cringeworthy

21. Anonymous:

I was attending my friend’s wedding and as we’re waiting for the ceremony to begin we were all noticing golfers walking down the path a few feet behind the alter. We commented that we hoped they’d put a stop to that once the ceremony started.

Fast forward to the vows when an uninvited guest arrived — a morbidly obese little person in a golf cart stopped dead center behind the couple! He stood up in the cart taking selfies from the passenger seat (he presumably couldn’t fit in the drivers seat)! The wedding guests began to whisper, the bridal party began to panic, and the bride tried to choke back a laugh while the officiant shot her a dirty look thinking she was laughing at the vows. After what seemed like an eternity the golfer moved on, but not before he photo bombed the vows in every single picture.

ICYMI: fat tyrion lannister crashed my friends wedding vows

22. Julie:

On our wedding day it started with my own sister murmuring some snotty comments during service. So far so good. At least no hysterical drunk vomiting in the middle of the dance floor.

Later on she, her husband and their two kids got up while we all had cake and put on their coats getting ready to leave. Being asked where they were going my sister answered, that since she had to travel to the city in which we got married she at least wanted to visit the museum this city was famous for. Uhm…ok?

Everybody was quite startled as it really was a nice and very relaxed wedding for everybody.

A few days after the wedding I asked her on the phone how she liked it and she literally gave our wedding a rating of a C–. Yes, she came up with a school grade.

Not only that, a few more days later even a letter from her arrived that she had sent before we talked on the phone. In this letter, she explained how exhausting the wedding weekend was with all the traveling they had to go through (5 hours one-way sitting on a train), how bad the hotel was (which they by the way chose themselves and they simply are really, really cheap people), that they went through the sacrifice of paying my mom’s hotel room, too (which they had offered her to do so, and my sister and her husband really make good money) and that they had to cancel a garden party (!) and a pre school summer fest (!!) just to attend our wedding (just a reminder: she’s my sister).

Read yourself between her lines…I didn’t talk to her for 5 years.

23. Amy:

I have a good one. It was my mother in law. The second we got engaged it was obvious to everyone that she was not excited to say the least. Throughout the whole planning process she continually brought up her friend’s stepdaughter’s wedding & how they were doing everything & how much nicer it was going to be. Very insulting to deal with.

Then on our wedding day at the reception she went around telling several female family members that I “didn’t let her” get ready with us girls & she had to get ready alone, when even after her crap all along I had asked her to come with us to get ready & she said no, doesn’t sound fun. She also told people that we spent too much money on the wedding, my mom paid for the wedding, so it was really a dig at her.

It was terrible, the only thing that could’ve made it worse is if she had given a speech but luckily she likes to keep her bullshit under wraps & just to family, so you know…they all are crazy & drama filled.

24. Amber:

Not my wedding, but rather my aunt’s.

The grooms nephews absolutely stole the show and made everyone uncomfortable. During the ceremony they had to be constantly shushed, told to sit down, and were generally the center of attention.

During the reception adults were given champagne and the kids were given sparkling apple juice. The boys went around trying to sip out of the glasses of any inattentive adults.

Instead of hiring a photographer disposable cameras were placed on the tables for reception photos. The boys learned if you slammed the camera against your hand the flash went off. Needless to say they ruined every single camera. They wouldn’t leave my aunt alone either. They asked for her wedding bouquet, criticized the menu options, and kept asking why ‘this thing has to be so damn long’. The groom kept apologizing and they ended up leaving early. They ended up divorcing and I have to say I feel like their behavior was an omen for things to come. Haha.

25. Wendi:

A girl that had a crush on my hubby came to our wedding in a wedding dress, then sat on his lap during the reception and hugged him. Needless to say, my three bridesmaids threw her out!