Apparently, Men Experience Pregnancy Symptoms When Their Partner Is Preggo

Oh, what joy there is to procreate! When two people fall in love and decide to ultimately add a little tiny human to their newfound family, it’s a huge deal because it’s not so easy to make those types of life-changing decisions. But, the journey is truly exciting nonetheless. After various “deeding” we move on to taking multiple pregnancy tests to confirm that there is indeed a bun in the oven. Then the long-awaited pregnancy announcement to family and friends. Oh, and let’s not forget the baby showers and the gender reveals. It’s just one of those steps in your life that you just have to document.

It truly is the epiphany of a spotlight for the momma-to-be as she begins to unravel her maternal instincts by making sure her growing fetus develops into a healthy baby for a grand total of nine months. Everyone knows that pregnancy comes with overly sensitive cycles, exotically random cravings at the most unexpected times, swollen feet, constant urges to pee, etc. This is where to proud papa-to-be come in handy. I mean it’s the least he could do.

How could they possibly know what you’re going through right? Well, according to the interwebs, men do in fact share pregnancy symptoms with their significant other. I know you’re thinking: ‘What? I know, how could this be possible?’ Apparently, the condition is actually a clinical term and is called Couvade Syndrome.

Yup. It’s a thing and it’s quite fascinating. According to the description of said syndrome men are able to experience many different types of pregnancy symptoms like weight gain, acne, morning sickness, insomnia, back pain and even breast augmentation. Seriously. It’s all pretty psychological as the hormonal imbalances are a cause of just living with their pregnant loved one.

Of course, we could not let this go unnoticed or contain our curiosity so we immediately put this syndrome to the test on one of our favorite social media platforms.