Blac Chyna Is Suing The Entire Kardashian Family For ‘Ruining Her Career’

Blac Chyna and her lawyer announced that the lawsuits are for several reasons. The first is that the Kardashian family has slandered her “good name” in the media spotlight after the split from Rob. But, also, she is suing them for the loss of income after her reality TV show with Rob was cancelled when they were ready to shoot for Season Two. Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom told Us Weekly:

It’s not just she lost a lot of income by not getting season two or all the other seasons that would’ve followed, it’s the endorsement deals, it’s the appearances fees, promotion of her products … This is how reality shows can become very lucrative, and the Kardashian family knows well because they have exploited the economic benefits of reality TV better than anyone … and God bless them for it.

As well, Chyna is suing the family claiming that Rob used physical violence on her on numerous occasions. She claims that he was forceful with her and pushed her to the ground on some occasions. As well – Rob and Kylie had issued their own lawsuit against Chyna for physical assault and for property damage of Kylie’s home during an argument Rob and Chyna had there.

While none of the Kardashians have commented on the lawsuit just yet, there are a lot of reasons it can go absolutely nowhere. For one, Rob and Chyna already met in court over the revenge porn scandal and worked that issue out. As for the second season of their show, the Kardashians had nothing to do with it entirely. In fact, sources reported that after Rob and Chyna had split up, the network had no desire to film the second season of their show – which, was supposed to be about their relationship. Not much of a show if the two are broken up – right? TMZ also reported the show brought in very low ratings and wasn’t doing the network any good to keep it on air.

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While it seems a bit delayed – people aren’t one bit surprised Chyna is hitting the Kardashians with a lawsuit. Not surprised at all. And, to be honest, neither am I.