Rose Leslie Forced Kit Harington To Wear A Cheap ‘Jon Snow’ Costume To A Halloween Party

With Halloween just around the corner, Rose and Kit were both invited to a Halloween party where the theme was “bad taste.” Rose, being the smart wilding that she is on screen and off, told Kit he had to go dressed as – himself. Jon Snow. He told Heat magazine:

She pulled out a Jon Snow costume, and Rose just whispered in my ear, ‘I won’t love you if you don’t wear it… You should do it.’

On top of it, Kit admitted her was totally embarrassed. Not only was it a Jon Snow costume – but it wasn’t one from the set or anything. Rose made him wear a costume you and I would buy from Party City – a cheap, knock-off Jon Snow.

Kit said:

It was really embarrassing. The people bringing around canapes were looking at me, thinking, ‘You’re sad man! You’ve come to a party dressed as your character.’

Let me know when I’ll find someone who loves me enough to prank and embarrass me back and forth like this. *sighs into my dark, bitter coffee*.