19 Disturbing, Horrifying, And Tragic Things That Actually Happened At Disney Parks

The 45-year-old technician was thought to have been electrocuted. His name was not released.

15. A stuntman was killed when he slipped on a puddle in 2009.

Stuntman Mark Priest died while playing a pirate in the “Captain Jack’s Pirate Tutorial” show. The 47-year-old slipped on a puddle and fell, hitting his head on a wall. The Orlando Sentinel reported that “His injuries included a broken vertebra in his neck and a cut that required 55 stitches to his scalp.” He died several days later.

16. A 4-year-old drowned in a moat at Cinderella’s Castle in 1977.

Joel Goode drowned in August of 1977 when he wandered away while his family was waiting to watch a parade.

17. A teen died trying to jump from car to car on the monorail track.

In 1966, 19-year-old Thomas Guy Cleveland was killed trying to sneak into the park via the monorail track after hours. When he jumped onto a canopy beneath the track he was struck by a train, which dragged his body 30 to 40 feet. The security guard who dealt with Cleveland later stated he had to “hose the kid off the underside.”

18. In 1967, a similar event occurred between two moving PeopleMover cars.

17-year-old Ricky Lee was killed trying to jump from car to car. He lost his balance and fell into the path of an oncoming train, which dragged his body several hundred feet before stopping.

19. A 22-year-old man died on Big Thunder Mountain in Anaheim when it derailed in 2003.

Marcelo Torres died on September 5, 2003 when a wheel fell off the coaster’s track rail, derailing the car and leading to blunt-force injuries which resulted in his death. Ten other passengers were hurt.