This Guy’s Video Is Literally Every Parent Who Has Ever Taken Their Kid To Disney World

When it comes to vacations with kids, the one place you’re likely to end up is none other than Disney World. The characters, the rides, and the overpriced tickets are just enough to make any parent lose their mind.
No matter how old kids get, they still want to experience the magic that is Disney World. Take it from me, a 25-year-old adult who went to Disney World for the very first time this year–it’s an experience.

While us kids/semi-kids still want to frequent the amusement park where “dreams come true,” parents are not as excited to travel across state lines to wait on hour-long ride lines and spend over $20 on a pair of Mickey ears. Why you may ask? Well, one guy has completely summed up the emotional roller coaster every single parent goes through the minute they step foot inside of Disney World.

Comedian John Crist doesn’t even have kids, but he essentially has seen enough parents in this theme park to know exactly what goes through their minds. Seriously, every single part of this video is on point.


Parents, God Bless y’all.