Are These Extreme Close-Up Ingrown Hair Removals Satisfying Or Vile? You Decide.

If you are one of those nasty people who enjoys watching the most visceral evacuations of the human body, then MAN are you gonna be into these extreme vids. I have a close friend who comes running, and I mean running at the first sign of a whitehead on my chin, and this friend never runs. To each her own, I guess.

It’s interesting. Did these people have any type of community before Dr. Pimple Popper came onto the scene to grace us with ruptured cysts and exercised back lipomas, or was it a burden they were left to carry on their own? WHO CARES, there’s something for everything on the world wide web, the Internet is beautiful :’)

Now, for your viewing pleasure, the removal of ingrown hairs superduper close-up is available to you free of charge. So close-up that if you were to remove an ingrown on your own body it wouldn’t be nearly as close-up as these videos.

The curator behind the @tweezist Instagram is the anonymous purveyor behind all your sick ingrown-hair-voyeurism desires. Send them a DM to thank them for sacrificing their time or ruining your appetite.

In this video, tweezist BREAKS the hair and has to return to get the rest of it out. Don’t you hate (OR DO YOU LOVE??) when that happens?

A part of me gags, the other part of me can’t tear my eyes away.


Then we got people out here commenting “You should zoom out a little bit when pulling it, because the best part ends up being always off camera.”

How does this make you feel? Oddly satisfied?