Dr. Pimple Popper Is Back Removing A Golf Ball From A Man’s Face

Dr. Sandra Lee is back destroying a golf ball sized cyst on a patients face and it will not disappoint. Dr. Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper, is well known for her extremely popular YouTube channel where she documents some of her grossest or best (if you’re into that kind of thing) patient’s cysts. In this video, we see the golf ball sized lump on the man’s face. This is a treacherous place because the cyst can “squirt into his mouth.”

I literally almost threw up typing that. The cyst is busted open and a ton of “egg white salad” looking stuff comes pouring out and it is certainly something. If you want to jump straight to the pimple popping extravaganza skip ahead to around the 2:15 mark. Anyone with a weak stomach here’s your heads up. It’s probably a good time to turn away.

If the sheer nature of the video doesn’t gross you out a bit how about when they describe the smell as something like “toe jam”. This poor guy, nobody deserves “egg white salad” oozing from their face. That’s something you only wish upon your worst of enemies, any enemies at all! Lets just be thankful none of it got into the poor guys’ eyes or mouth. From the looks of it he is having a rough enough day as is.

The smell gets so bad the patient himself has to comment on how “nasty” the odor is. Oh my lord. Hopefully, this guy is feeling relieved now that he doesn’t have a golf ball filled with “egg white salad” substance that smells like toe jam on his face. I mean who wouldn’t? I just can’t get over them discussing the awful smell. Definitely c, alk this up to another successful video for our favorite pimple slaying dermatologist.