13 Of The Grossest Things Dr. Pimple Popper Did In 2017

Ah, Dr. Pimple Popper. The one. The only. The queen of all things lipomas, cysts, ricotta-textured goo, and visceral juices. If you are the type of individual who enjoys watching extractions from the bodies of strangers, this list of Dr. PP (née Sandra Lee) 2017 pops is for you. Because we care.

The time she popped a cute little “gumball” cyst from a patient’s arm. Skip to ~2 minutes for a fun time:

Start you off easy, here. Pilar cysts (usually found in the scalp, although not in this instance) are firmer and thus easier to pop right out in one piece than other types of cysts.

The time she squeezed globs upon globs of cheesy white ricotta cheese out of an enormous cyst on a patient’s face:

Dr. Lee exemplifies per-cyst-ance as she makes sure to get every last big of cyst juices and casing out of this poor girl’s face. Hence, the 20 minute video, although you’ll prolly be like “I’m all set” by somewhere around 2:33.

The time she popped a cyst on a dude’s scrotum and called it a cystception, because cyst sac and also nut…you get it:

Don’t worry, there was a lot of numbing involved because without it this dude would’ve for sure passed out (men just don’t have the same pain tolerance as women, ya know?). Skip to 5:20-ish if you want to avoid all that scrotum-slicing but still want the satisfying goo-squirt (not like that you perv.)

The time she wrestled a bowling ball sized lipoma out of a patient’s back. Skip to 5:48 to witness the real struggle begin:

This particular lipoma was not “well-encapsulated,” meaning it tore easily. So our girl just starts digging and grabbing, ah sweet release. Fun fact: The patient wrote to Dr. Lee about a month later to tell her he was doing well, but that he missed his “built-in pillow” a little bit. So…make what you will of that.