13 Of The Grossest Things Dr. Pimple Popper Did In 2017

The time she pried out a bunch of filaments out of this dude’s nose:

This is a fun example of Dr. PP foraying into the unexpected.

The time she dug “tunnels” under a patient’s unbelievably huge blackheads:

These go so deep into the poor woman’s back that Dr. Lee has to put anesthesia into them, despite them just being blackheads. Ah, the blackheads that just won’t quit.

The time she tackled a bunch of steatocystomas, AKA “cute skittles” (her words not mine), on a patient’s forehead.

Personally, this video has a blood-oozy ratio that I cannot get behind (too much blood, not enough ooze) but the satisfying spray cheese at the end may just be worth it. You decide.

The time she pulled a grapefruit-sized ball of fat out of a patient’s back. Start at ~6:10 if you’re eager:

Ah finally, my personal favorite. Watch this big ole fat ball pop out with satisfaction. Brings a tear to your eye.