Meet Amanda Wylie, The Artist Using Her Voice To Empower People Everywhere

6. What is the best way, in your opinion, that young people can have a voice in this political climate?

You can take a stand by communicating with people around you about why things they say can be considered exclusive. You can help them understand a more inclusive way to approach certain topics by sharing your point of view. You can use your voice to make a difference in society by registering and voting in local elections. You can also create art, get involved in your community, and march in protests. You have to do what’s in your heart.

7. How does it feel being a young woman under this Presidency and how does that reflect in your art?

Right now is a really negative time for our country. Women’s rights to healthcare are under attack through proposed legislature created entirely by men. Our secretary of education is making it more difficult to speak up about sexual assault by helping accused rapists receive better lawyers and representation in campus sexual assault cases. Donald Trump himself regularly demeans women and openly admits to a history of sexual assault. He and his entire administration completely neglect and ostracize trans people. The leadership we are being exposed to is disgraceful, exclusive, and divisive. At my upcoming show, there are a few extremely explicit pieces that express solidarity and support for women and trans folks.

Thankful for the opportunity to expose Crying Racists on a wall of shame this week at Somos Art House, Berlin. Each subject of this series has committed a hate crime or hate speech against marginalized people since 2013 in the United States. They have all cried publicly. I will never know whether their tears express true remorse, or frustration from being caught and punished. Either way, I am happy to publicly condemn their actions. . . . "If not me, who? If not now, when?" ✊️ . . Great promo shout out from Ich&Berlin ? thank you! . . . #solidarity#speakup#speakout#CryingRacists#AmandaWylie#WallOfShame#HateCrime#HateSpeech#AltWrong#Covfefe#exposed#racism#racists#nyartist#queensartist#berlin#germany#berlinart#kreuzberg#somos#american#americanart#politics#politicalart#politicalrevolution#resist#womensart#endracism#xberg#herspaceberlin

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8. What message do you want to send to other aspiring artists/activists?

Keep going! What makes you an activist is to be active. Keep speaking up when you know that something is not right. Don’t let anyone stand in your way. Create work that makes a statement and says what you need to say.

9. Who is your biggest role model currently in the media spotlight?

My biggest role model in the media right now is Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick has knelt for the national anthem to peacefully protest the disproportionate murder of unarmed black people in America by police. Even though this protest is within his first amendment right, and he has a distinguished NFL career, owners of the league have left Kaepernick unsigned to a team and without a job in response to him taking a knee.

He has inspired so many others to protest police brutality by kneeling for the anthem, but that is not all that he has done. He also funds an amazing organization called Know Your Rights Camp (, which raises awareness of higher education and self-empowerment. The organization also helps young people learn to properly interact with law enforcement by teaching kids their rights. I have so much respect for Kaepernick and anyone else kneeling, marching, and speaking out in solidarity. It is extremely important to recognize injustices like police brutality and make a statement condemning such actions.

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And, check out her latest show in NYC October 19th-26th at PC4Y (16 Warurton Avenue Yonkers, NY 10701). DJ set by Devoye. Poster by Eric Avila.