This Viral Twitter Thread Pretty Much Destroys A Classic Anti-Abortion Argument

The abortion debate is probably not going anywhere in the near future.

Despite abortion being a legal right for over 40 years, there are still folks arguing that that shouldn’t be the case. Or, at the very least, that abortion should only be allowed in extreme or emergency situations.

One of the crucial elements in the anti-abortion argument is the idea that life begins at conception. That as soon as sperm enters egg, you have a baby. Biologically, that’s not the case, but it’s hard to get people to stop thinking of it that way. Unless, of course, you ask them this question.

It comes from Patrick S. Tomlinson, an author and op-ed writer, who says that he’s posed the question to countless anti-abortion people over 10 years, and never gotten a straight answer.

It’s a bit of a moral quandary, or a philosophical exercise, that will make you re-think the entire idea of “life begins at conception.”



Although, unsurprisingly, some people didn’t get it. You know how there was always that one kid in class who didn’t understand when something didn’t have a clear answer? Like you would tell him a riddle, and the answer would be clever instead of simple, and he’d be running around like “I DON’T GET IT, I NEED A CONCRETE ANSWER, NOT A NUANCED QUANDARY CONSTRUCTED TO TEASE OUT A GREATER POINT!”