29 Photos Showing That Depression Has No Face Or Mood


Depression doesn't have a face. You can't look at someone online or in person and grade their depression. Depression twists, grows and turns. . Somedays I do my make up, I smile, I leave the house and have coffee, take cute insta snaps of Eli. Somedays I lay on the bathroom floor screaming "please" in a desperate will for the pain to end. . Somedays I can talk to friends online for hours, help them, chat about crap with ease. Other times I avoid messenger like the plague, I leave messages for weeks, months or forever and think about shutting myself off from everyone before they have a chance to shut off from me. . Somedays I dance in my pants around the house, cleaning everywhere and laughing with Eli and Rishi. Somedays Rishi takes unpaid time off work to care for me, keep me safe and lay with me whilst I stay in bed motionless and afraid. . Depression doesn't have a face Depression can't be measured. If someone is struggling, they are struggling. . You can function with depression, some days you wouldn't tell, other days it's like what you see in the movies. Be kind ?

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Posted by Rayna Gawel on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

“My daughter as well. The night before she ended up in the hospital they went to the daddy daughter dance and had an amazing time. Thankfully she’s still alive today and learning to beat her illness. She was 8 at the time.”


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“My #faceofdepression and yes it is possible to be depressed with a child.

Hearing, “You don’t have a reason to be depressed with her around” doesn’t do shit but make me feel worse about myself

Being told, “All you need is exercise and a good diet” just makes me want to throat punch you even though you’re coming from a good place

Depression keeps you from doing things you want to do because it’s literally a chemical imbalance in your brain.”


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“This is my boyfriend two weeks before hanging himself. Will never understand it… ?”


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“This is what depression looked like not long before we lost our beloved Luke. Depression is a SERIOUS illness. Don’t dismiss people who are hurting.”