19 Ways Your Best Friend Is Better Than A Boyfriend

9. A best friend is fun to go shopping with

Sometimes a boyfriend is too, but even if he doesn’t really mind waiting for you to try on all the vintage Levi’s to find the pair that fits you best, it’s certainly not as fun as having your girl there critiquing, hyping, and flattering your apple bottoms.

10. She actually cares about the Kardashian pregnancies

Maybe not, but she’s more likely to than your boyfriend.

11. You can talk about gross body stuff at length

There are things you should never discuss with your SO, not even when you’ve been married for 45 years. Avoid talking about bowel movements. They probably don’t want to hear about the intricacies of your period leakage or hold a lengthy discussion about ingrown bikini line hairs. I mean, that’s fine. That’s a good thing. It’s important to preserve a sense of romance. But it’s also important to talk about that stuff, and that’s what best friends are for.

12. She’ll share her stuff

One of the biggest advantages of having a best friend is getting to wear her clothes and try her makeup. You can trade stuff with her. You can go HAM on her cosmetics bag like you’re the only person inside a just-opened Sephora.

13. A best friend is your greatest social media hype man

Your dude may throw you likes on your IG posts, but he won’t be flattering you on them (it would be concerning if he did, like a weird possession thing). A best friend will boost your ego through the roof on your fire selfie though, and that is the kind of supportive relationship we all need in our lives.

14. You can’t get offended when they criticize you

Unless your friend is toxic and abusive as a general rule, it’s not hurtful when she tells you what you’re wearing is ugly. I mean, it shouldn’t be. If your dude critiques you on your looks though, that’s a different story…