This Is How You Know Who Your Real Friends Are

Forget everyone else.

When we’re young, we all have this notion that the more friends we have, the better. We want to be friends with as many people as possible, so that we’re never alone and we’re never bored. We’re invited to every fun party, always have plans and never feel lonely because we have so many people to talk to. We think that popularity means that we have true friendships – racking in hundreds of likes and comments online and knowing everyone’s business.

As we get older, we start to shed skin of this ideology. People fall off and walk down their own paths. Not everyone is concerned with going out all of the time, keeping on tab with everyone else’s business is not a priority and circles get awfully small.

While some feel as though they are losing important people – others realize that this is only natural.

The older you get, the more you realize what true friendships are all about.

True friends are the ones who understand that as you get older, things change.

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You may land a job that takes a lot of time out of your life. Some people may complain that you “aren’t around enough anymore,” and you “work too hard.” These people aren’t your friends. Your friends are the ones who understand that your priorities have changed. They understand that you are laying down a solid foundation for your career and your life. Instead of making you feel guilty for putting time into your work, they find time within your crazy schedule to grab lunch, dinner – even coffee on a break – to see you and hear about it all. They’re always cheering you on.

You may get into a serious relationship and not be as available to be wild and crazy anymore. While maintaining independence in your relationship is important and still having time with your friends should never change – you don’t want to go out dancing on bars and making out with strangers anymore. You may not want to go to clubs and stay out until 5 a.m. anymore. Some people may say that you’re “letting your relationship control you” and “you’re changing who you are.” But, your true friends won’t make you hate your SO because you’re not down to do everything they want to do. Your real friends will understand that you don’t want to go buck wild anymore – that you’re not looking for rando’s at bars anymore. They’ll make plans that make you feel comfortable and won’t get angry that you found yourself some love.

You may be going through a rough time and not want to open up and talk to anyone about it. While you struggle with whatever is happening in your life, some people may get angry for not trusting them enough to talk about it or caring enough to overcome it easily. But, your true friends will get that you may not be ready to talk just yet. Instead of forcing you to feel as though you have to open up – they’ll show up with ice cream, a good movie, or even a 6-pack of beers just to get your mind off the hard stuff. When you’re ready to talk, they’ll be there. But, they won’t pressure you to do so before you are.

You may move away from your childhood town or where you’ve lived for a long time to venture out and start a new life. A lot of times, your friends and family will try to convince you to stay where you are, in fear that distance will weaken your relationship. But, your true friends know that no matter how much distance is between you, nothing will ever change. You don’t need to see each other everyday to have a true friendship – time means nothing when someone means everything.

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