19 Ways Your Best Friend Is Better Than A Boyfriend

15. You can talk a bunch of shit without feeling like an asshole

Everyone needs to bitch and moan and talk shit sometimes. Except when you do it to your BF, it always feels petty and immature. That’s. What. Friends. Are. For.

16. A rough patch with a BFF is NBD

It happens. Friends fight. Couples do too, but its way more stressful because the whole time you’re wondering if this time it’s the end.

17. A LDR doesn’t signal the end of a friendship

It also doesn’t mean the end of a romantic relationship, except in like 99% of cases when it does. You can go years without seeing your truest bestest friends and have something to talk about for hours on end when you finally meet up. ~Friendship is forever~.

18. You can talk about your dirty dreams

Everybody has dirty dreams about people they are not in relationships with. But I would not encourage describing them in great detail to people you are dating. It’s a bad look.

19. It’s not weird to do choreographed dances together

I don’t need to elaborate, do I?