This Runner’s Entire Package Flopped Out Of His Pants Right At The Finish Line

Wardrobe malfunctions have been a part of life ever since Janet Jackson invented them at the 2004 Super Bowl. Show me someone who hasn’t accidentally flashed some underbutt in a skirt while walking up the subway steps, and I’ll show you someone who’s never left the house.

This weekend, a runner named Jozef Urban at the Košice Peace Marathon had a wardrobe malfunction that’s been going viral, for a pretty obvious reason. His entire package managed to flop its way out of his shorts during the final stretch of the race.

The video is… well it’s exactly what I just said, so it won’t disappoint. It’s also highly NSFW.

According to Running Magazine, the run was Urban’s personal best. Which is pretty amazing considering his whole ding dong was out and about, possibly distracting him from finishing.

Good thing this embarrassing moment wont haunt him forever…