14 Pictures That Will Ruin Every Girl’s Day

No two girls are exactly the same – in fact, we’re all wonderfully different and unique. And, while we all have our own quirks, personality traits, and beautiful flaws – there are just some things that are universally uncomfortable for us all. Face it, women have to do a lot of the same things – while not at the same time – to be “socially accepted” in society. For example – wearing a bra – which, I’m often times against. Either way, we all know the pain of being stabbed, prodded and betrayed by said bras – but, we’re forced to wear them anyway. Every girl knows what I mean – that’s why every girl will be hurt, angry and may even cry over these pictures.

1. When you try to peel off that tiny piece of skin on your lip and end up bleeding for 97 days.

2. When you think fake eyelashes are cool until you accidentally rip them out.

3. When you think wearing heals are easy AF – until you fall and ruin your ankles forever.

4. Anything involing a straightening iron burn. Ouch.


5. Wearing new shoes and ending up with giant blisters on the back of your feet for weeks.

6. When your bra leaves huge, deep imprints on your shoulders.

7. When your braid just up and falls out of your head.


8. When your nail breaks and now is shorter and more awkward than all the others.

9. When you want to rock dark lipstick but it’s winter and your lips are cracked AF.

10. When you drop your most expensive foundation and it’s WW3 on your bathroom floor.

11. When you get your hair stuck in the back of the blow dryer and RIP.

12. When your skirt gets stuck in your underwear.


13. When your eyelash curler says “hold my beer.”

14. When you burn your forehead and look like you’ve been abused.