17 Facts About Vodka That’ll Make You Say: ‘What The F*ck’

Just in time for National Vodka Day, we made ourselves some vodka soda’s with lime and pulled out a few “WTF FACTS” that made us appreciate our drink-of-choice a lot more. To celebrate this joyous occasion, why not hit up a happy hour with your favorite co-workers (all 1 of them) and sip some smooth, delicious mixed drinks – then go home to your significant other and get yelled at for smelling like booze. What a beautiful time to be alive. CHEERS!

1. The word “vodka” comes from the term “voda” which, in Slavic means “water.”

2. You can pair vodka with almost any flavor mixer – bitter, sweet, sour – it’ll still taste like the mixer because vodka is essentially a blank canvas of drinks.

3. Russia apparently banned the sale of vodka during World War I and, seeing as Russians love their vodka, the government, lost 1/3 of its income. Talk about taking a hit.

4. Vodka was used a lot throughout history as a medical cure for certain things, such as toothaches, infertility and the plague.

5. Vodka was originally produced in Poland.