9 Questions That Everyone Should Ask On A First Date

7. Are you a morning person or a night person?

This seems pretty minor, but the difference in morning people and night people can be a make or break between people dating. If you’re a morning person, you wake up obviously on the earlier side and want to get a jump start on your day. You’re not usually into staying out late or doing the party scene and – you go to bed rather early. Night people are the party animals – they enjoy staying out late and sleeping in, sometimes even into the afternoon. Two people who are on two different schedules in life like this can often find it difficult to “work” or, find similar things they’d both like to do.

8. Who did you vote for?

While this question seems pretty controversial – it’s imperative to find out who someone voted for and why – especially in today’s society. People who voted for Clinton vs. people who voted for Trump are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to beliefs, morals, and views of the world. While someone may have voted for the opposite candidate as you, they could also have a pretty solid reason for doing so and it may open your eyes to other things you may not have thought of prior. Either way – it’s a good question to throw out there.

9. What’s your favorite TV show right now?

Simple questions about their entertainment interests can tell you about their personality and also, their boundaries – surprisingly. People who are into comedies and sitcoms are often times more light-hearted and fun. Plus, depending on what kind of comedy they like – it can show you how raunchy or politically correct they are. There’s a difference between someone who likes “The Big Bang Theory” and someone who likes “Eastbound and Down.” Dramas are usually people who take their life seriously – or, who need an escape into the problems of someone else for a little while. Just make sure you’re going on a date with someone who watches Game of Thrones, honestly.